Sunday, January 21st


After several years of getting lower-than-expected funding from the Tribal Law Enforcement Grant, officials from Jackson County have begun to question why the county is getting less than other counties with smaller Ho-Chunk Nation populations.

The Tribal Law Enforcement Grant is provided annually to any county that has a federally-recognized reservation or off-reservation trust lands within its boundaries. The county and tribe must also establish a county-tribal law enforcement program.

The Tribal Law Enforcement Grant has $631,200 to split between the counties that are provided the grant, and in recent years Jackson County has received about $27,000.

“It is a way for us to offset additional costs to provide law enforcement services to, in our case, the Ho-Chunk Nation,” chief deputy Mark Moan said.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department arrested three people  Wednesday morning after officers found 16.7 grams of crystal methamphetamine in their vehicle.

Andrew Young, 30, of White Bear Lake, Minn., Adriana Panek, 18, of Virginia, Minn., and Jonathan Lambert, 20, of Nett Lake, Minn., were charged with possession with intent to deliver along with other drug-related offenses.

Jackson County Sheriff's Department deputies were dispatched to the Comfort Inn and Suites in the town of Brockway near Black River Falls at 3:03 a.m.

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The Hixton Village Board is considering whether to make SGS Excavating fix an issue with the new sewer line on Second Street in the village after they received a report that a portion of the sewer sags.

MSA Professional Services Engineer Dave Krugler is most concerned about grease build-up in the sewer line.

“If we look at the one that he did fix up on Third Street, there was a lot of grease and a lot of other stuff that got held up at that location,” Krugler said.

Jamie Steen, president of SGS Excavating, doesn’t believe there is actually a sag in the line.

“I talked to the guy that took a camera to it and he said there are no sags.

With silica sand demand increasing, the CN Railroad recently added two additional railroad lines across South River Road between Taylor and Blair near the Hi-Crush plant to help reduce blockages at the intersection.

The railroad was previously planning on making the update by Oct. 2015, but the silica sand industry slumped prompting CN to push back the full project. They instead installed one yard lead track south of the mainline track that went to the Blair Yard.

“The WCL (Wisconsin Central Ltd.) has installed the signals but due to decline in the frac sand business the two tracks installation was put on hold. Sand business has now picked up and the WCL is ready to install the additional tracks and relocate the signals into the correct position per the order,” Commissioner of Railroads Yash P.

After 27 years with Jackson County UW-Extension, Luane Meyer is planning on retiring in January from her post as family living agent and department head of the program.

Even though she is retiring, Meyer plans to continue to be involved with extension and the community.

“I am looking forward to other opportunities that there might be. I will stay somewhat involved with some extension programming – some of the community programs that we have for families and individuals, and do some co-facilitating,” Meyer said.

Meyer started her career with extension working on the expanded food and nutrition program for one year in Vernon County and then four years in Jackson County.

“It was made up of program assistants who did home visits with families.

To open December, the Melrose-Mindoro girls’ basketball team would head to Augusta last Friday where they would trample the beavers in an 83-35 win.

The Mustangs would get to 51 points in the first half and then back off in the second to add 32 points to the scoreboard on a 31-of-62 shooting night. The Mustangs would play stout defense holding Augusta to 11-of-29 shooting.

Katie Christopherson would end the night with 23 points on 10-of-18 shooting.

Mesa Byom would have a good night herself as she would add 17 points followed by Erika Simmons with 13, Calette Lockington with 12 and Teagan Frey with 10.

The Mustangs grabbed 29 boards with Byom nabbing seven and Christopherson and Simmons each getting six. Augusta would end the night with 20 rebounds.