Sunday, July 23rd


Small towns are often tightly knit communities with closeness that spans generations.

A few years back, two Millston sisters, Doris Johnson and Myrtle Bundy, joined together with other women in town to create a museum to showcase their community and the many people and stories within it.

Unfortunately that museum, which was in the old town hall, would shut down after a few years after some building issues forced them to put the items in storage at the old school house.

Years later the granddaughters of those original founders, Sara Hendricks and Jenny Walworth, would ask the town if they could reopen what their grandmother and great-grandmother had started.

"Nobody had done anything with it until last fall we saw it and talked about it," Walworth said.

With a wet spring and early summer, farmers planted their corn crop later than usual this year, which has led to varied crop sizes across the region. This has left some with corn shorter than knee high, but not all.

“We have corn that is waist high and we have corn that is ankle high, so I guess if you averaged it, it would be knee high,” said Darby Sampson, who farms in rural Melrose.

Joe Schultz, agronomist with Central Wisconsin Ag Services in Alma Center said this is a common sight across the county.

“This summer has had a lot of variability, variability in corn height and corn development. It started with variable corn emergence that led to variable height,” Schultz said.

Passionate. Persistent. Progressive. The 7 Rivers Region is home to countless men and women who have dedicated their careers and everyday lives to the improvement and advancement of the community.

Last fall, the River Valley News Group and the 7 Rivers Alliance honored 19 emerging young leaders at the first ever Rising Stars Under 40 awards, and they once again are seeking nominations for influential people in the area.

Nominations opened in April and will close on July 26.

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The public wants to think that government agencies try to save taxpayer money as much as possible, but hearing that a department is completely self-funded may be a shock.

One Jackson County department has done just that through a mix of tourism and commerce.

Jackson County Forestry and Parks Department manages about 120,000 acres of forestry land and the timber provides significant income. Jackson County has the eighth most county forest land in Wisconsin, according to data from the Wisconsin County Forest Association.

The department also manages recreational spots, including ATV/snowmobile trails as well as park grounds. That's not the end of the department's responsibilities, it takes care of wildlife habitats, battles invasive species, and works with groups to manage the area.

Green Meadows used to be a thriving bar and restaurant near Taylor on Hwy. 95, but it burned down a few years ago. Now there is an abandoned house in the middle of the rubble, leaving local authorities to deal with the clean-up.

This and other abandoned properties can create a potential litany of problems for cities and counties who want to get rid of them. There is no uniform way to handle a case.

Some are simple lots that have been abandoned and left to fall apart and other times the properties come to the Public Health Department as human health hazards.

“Those types of things are things such as communicable disease control, garbage and refuse, air or groundwater pollution, etc.

A Black River Falls man was booked in Jackson County jail after allegedly hitting mailboxes and traveling through residential yards in a vehicle. He then struck a vehicle before he fled on foot at about 6 p.m. Sunday, according to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident was at Pettibone Pass, in the town of Komensky. During a search, deputies located Edward Mustache, age 44, hiding in nearby woods. He failed field sobriety testing and was arrested, according to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

He was booked for OWI-seventh offense as well as a parole violation.

A Black River Falls man was booked in Jackson County jail after allegedly hitting mailboxes and traveling through residential yards in a vehicle.