Sunday, July 23rd


A trio of people face meth charges after authorities found meth in a car that was parked near a dirt trail outside of Brockway on June 25.

Alexander Robertson, 21, Aurora Dodge, 19, and Seth Hawley, 27, each face charges of possession with intent to deliver or distribute methamphetamine, three counts of possession of a controlled substance and three counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

When Jackson County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Evan Mazur approached them, Hawley said he was having brake trouble and that’s why he pulled over in an unusual spot.

The area was known to be used for drug transactions and Hawley had physical signs of drug use, such as dark rings around the eyes, according to Mazur’s report.

With temperatures on the rise after a wet and cool June, the Hoffman Aquatic Center in Black River Falls opened its gates to the public.

It wasn’t weather that was holding back the community pool though, it was mechanical issues.

The pool usually opens earlier, but after city Parks and Recreation Director Steve Peterson was told the furnace went out in the pool heater, everything was pushed back until it was fixed.

Peterson said that regulations say a pool has to be 65 degrees to open and all their equipment and chemicals are designed to work at a specific temperature in the pool. Without the heater it was difficult to reach that temperature.

When everything finally came together for Hoffman, the decision was quickly made to open it and get people relief from the heat.

Congressman Ron Kind and his office recently held meetings and listening sessions in all 18 counties that cover his district. This included a visit by Mark Aumann to Merillan Town Hall in Jackso County Tuesday morning.

One of the biggest concerns that came up was the issue of health care and the problems with the system as a whole. A family that sat down to talk with Aumann wanted to make sure Kind knew these problems were real and happening. A main issue for the mother was the cost of health care and the struggle it has been getting insurance to approve treatments for her son who has a form of muscular dystrophy.

There is a medication that could help her son, but it would cost them $6,000 a week and it's the only thing available for his condition at this point.

The summer is all about getting some sun, beating the heat and cook outs with lots of food.

Jackson County Beef Promotion Committee tried to hit one of those with its 19th annual Beef Cookout on Saturday.

The Jackson County Fair Grounds played host to thousands of hungry customers and drive-through eaters as well.

Hope Laufenberg with the JCBPC said they sold 1,520 plates of food which is up from last year.

People had a choice between a hot dog or rib-eye steak sandwich, both with sweet corn and ice cream.

"I think the numbers really speak for themselves in how fun it was, people love the bigger portions," Laufenberg said.

The idea started years ago when one of Laufenberg's daughter was interning in college.

Rain and thunder couldn't stop the Karner Blue Festival from filling downtown Black River Falls to the brim with people from all around June 30-July 1.

The whole event kicked off with a Paddle in the Park at Lunda Park, helped by the Friends of the Black River, where adults and children packed in what was for many their first attempt at kayaking.

That was quickly followed up by the Miss BRF contest where Bella Cowles’ coronation was sped up a bit by impending storms.

When the weather calmed down later that night the sky was brought to life with a fireworks explosion to end the first day of the festival.

Day two started with a half-marathon and a bustling downtown full of classic cars and craft vendors, everything wrapped up with a parade that started at the high school and cruised down Main Street.

A trailer loaded with an excavator tipped over near the intersection of Highway 61 and Pine Street in Soldiers Grove at about 11:40 a.m. July 6, according to Crawford County Sheriff’s Department.

A southbound Mack dump truck, owned and operated by Joseph Zitzner, 53, of Viroqua, was pulling the trailer. When he turned left on to Pine Street it tipped over. The street was closed for four hours until crews removed the excavator and trailer.

Zitzner was not injured. Soldiers Grove Fire Department, Digger Don’s Excavating, Crawford County Highway Department and La Farge Truck Center assisted.

A trailer loaded with an excavator tipped over near the intersection of Highway 61 and Pine Street in Soldiers Grove at about 11:40 a.m.