Thursday, August 16th

Jean Kittelson holds the only photo she has of her fiance, Sgt. Duane Thompson, who was reported missing in Korea on Nov. 30, 1950. She’s hoping his remains will some day be returned home for burial.(Photo: Meg Jones / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

RIVER FALLS - Jean Kittelson and Duane Thompson picked a date to marry at a church in Glenwood City.

She wanted to be a June bride and the timing was good because she was graduating from high school in May and Thompson was supposed to finish his Army stint a few months earlier.

By the time of their wedding date 67 years ago, Kittelson was, in effect, a war widow. The man with whom she planned to marry, start a family and grow old together had been reported missing in Korea.

She never got to say goodbye to Thompson or attend his funeral; there's no gravestone for Kittelson to leave flowers or visit on Memorial Day.