Thursday, August 16th

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.(Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Scott Walker hit a new campaign theme this week, arguing Wisconsin would be less safe with a Democrat in charge.

"You see, all those other things — health care, education, none of that matters unless you're safe," Walker told supporters Thursday as he kicked off a campaign bus tour at Maynard Steel Casting Co. in Milwaukee

Eight Democrats are running in Tuesday's primary, but Walker named just two of them — state Schools Superintendent Tony Evers and former state Rep. Kelda Roys — in contending his opponents' plans to cut the prison population in half would endanger Wisconsinites. 

"If that was done today, that means there would be thousands of violent criminal out on the streets," Walker told reporters. "As long as I'm governor, when it comes to violent criminals, I want to keep them in prison till the end of their sentence. My opponents want to let them out early and I think that's something that concerns people here in Milwaukee and should concerns people all over the state.