Wednesday, April 25th

Thomas Deininger, who designed this LOVE shirt about 11 years ago, said they were never meant to promote guns, the Second Amendment or violence. He now sells them only in pastel colors, and has tried to get other sellers from infringing on his copyright.(Photo: Thomas Deininger)

A T-shirt at the center of a civil rights lawsuit against a Wisconsin high school principal spells LOVE using a handgun, a grenade, knives and an assault-style rifle to form the letters.

Is that threatening? Clever? Political? Humorous? It all depends on your perspective.

Markesan High School Principal John Koopman deemed it "inappropriate" and warned freshman Matthew Schoenecker and his parents that if the boy continued to wear it to school, he would be asked to change, cover it up or spend the day in an isolated cubicle near the office.

After Schoenecker sued Koopman last week in federal court, it made national news.

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