Friday, March 23rd

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.(Photo: Michael Sears / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)Buy Photo

MADISON - Wisconsin schools with small budgets or rural locations could get additional funding, under legislation signed by Gov. Scott Walker.

The Republican governor also said Monday that he wants the state to provide additional money to improve safety in schools in the same way the federal government helped improve safety in airports. 

"To have that same degree of security, we need to provide resources to schools ... No one should feel unsafe in a school," Walker said on WTMJ radio. "The state is going to have to step up."

Democrats have also backed allowing schools to raise money for safety improvements, but they say the state should pair that with gun control measures. 

Both Democratic lawmakers and Walker have opposed proposals from some other Republicans to let teachers carry guns. 

The bill signed by Walker Monday, Assembly Bill 835, will provide $6.5 million more for schools in sparsely populated rural areas.