Thursday, February 22nd

The Wisconsin state Capitol in Madison.(Photo: Associated Press)

MADISON - Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's $200 million plan to hold down Obamacare premiums for consumers will get a vote Tuesday from a powerful committee. 

The Joint Finance Committee will vote on Senate Bill 770, which would use a mix of federal and state dollars to hold down premium increases for insurance sold directly to individuals and families under the Affordable Care Act. 

The past year has seen the loss of insurers within the ACA marketplace and premium increases of 38% not counting federal subsidies.  

Also Monday, the budget committee will vote on whether to set aside $50 million a year to boost existing jobs programs in rural counties. 

Assembly Bill 912 could lead to extra economic development money for 56 of the state's 72 counties. Under the bill, Outagamie and Sheboygan counties would not receive any of the money but Fond du Lac and Manitowoc counties would, at least for now.