Thursday, February 22nd

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Candice Barner examines an eviction notice she received from her landlord. She had already planned to move out after experiencing a host of problems and is shown here in a storage bin with her belongings.(Photo: Rick Wood)Buy Photo

MADISON - Foster children could attend University of Wisconsin schools for free, under legislation that the Assembly is scheduled to take up Tuesday.

Assembly Bill 777 is one of a series of bills to help at-risk children that is coming before lawmakers in the Legislature's hectic final weeks. 

In the Wisconsin Kids in Crisis series, USA Today Network-Wisconsin documented how a rise in the abuse of drugs like heroin has contributed to an increased demand for foster families and foster child services. 

State officials have taken modest steps to help foster families such as providing 2.5% increases in foster care rates for this year and the following year. 

The latest legislation would go further by waiving all tuition and fees not covered by grants and scholarships for foster children.