Monday, December 11th


Shannon Zimmerman, the founder of a translation service and candidate for state Senate, said in 2013 that the language of a woman is difficult to translate because "she says this, but she means this." His attempted joke is drawing criticism. University of Wisconsin-River Falls

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Freshman Assembly Rep. Shannon Zimmerman (R-River Falls).(Photo: Rick Wood / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)Buy Photo

MADISON - A legislator and founder of a translation service who hopes to join the state Senate in a January special election told a university crowd in 2013 that it’s difficult to translate what women say because they don’t always say what they mean.

Video of businessman Shannon Zimmerman’s attempt at humor at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls surfaced this week as he makes his bid for the state Senate. The comments were made three years before Zimmerman, a Republican from River Falls, was elected to the Assembly in 2016.