Monday, December 11th

Freshman Assembly Rep. Shannon Zimmerman (R-River Falls), whose district borders Minneapolis, delivers an impassioned speech saying he supports the bill because its effects would benefit even his district, providing jobs that will keep workers in Wisconsin.(Photo: Rick Wood / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

State Rep. Shannon Zimmerman wanted to make at least one thing clear when he announced last week that he was running for an open Senate seat in northwestern Wisconsin. 

Zimmerman, a River Falls Republican, said in his campaign news release that he voted in favor of Gov. Scott Walker's recently approved $76 billion budget bill. 

“I am proud to have voted for the recently approved Wisconsin state budget," Zimmerman said in the windy release. Walker's budget, he continued, "provides the largest increase in K-12 funding in state history and directs funds to training that will close our skills gap all while keeping property taxes in check."

Except Zimmerman was nowhere near the state Capitol when the Assembly took its vote on Sept.