Sunday, July 23rd

Mayor Tom Barrett presents his 2017 budget to the Milwaukee Common Council on Sept. 26, 2016.(Photo: Michael Sears / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

The drive to recall Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is being led publicly by a bunch of political wannabes and nobodies. 

But behind the scenes, the recall campaign is getting a helping hand from a more powerful foe of the fourth-term mayor: Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters Local 215

"Petitions to recall Tom Barrett are available at the union hall," said a July 7 email from the union. "Must be a citizen of Milwaukee to sign. Absolutely no literature in the firehouses. No solicitations of signatures while on duty. No signing the petition on duty."

The email from the firefighters union then directed recipients to read a Journal Sentinel story on the recall drive.

If that weren't enough, Darryl Gardner — who goes by the name King Rick — of the Original Black Panthers of Milwaukee was also directing people to the union last week.