Tuesday, May 26th


Election officials are making major changes to the state's absentee voting system after ballots failed to reach thousands of citizens in Wisconsin's spring election, throwing an already chaotic election into further disarray amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is what the proposed changes will mean for Wisconsin voters. 

What's being changed? 

The biggest change is that voters will be able to track precisely where their ballots are in the mail system. 

Currently, the state-run election website MyVote shows voters the date their ballot was "sent." That date actually reflects when the mailing label was generated, not the date a ballot was mailed. Milwaukee election officials said it sometimes took clerks another three to seven days to assemble and mail ballots due to severe backlogs.

In addition, officials have documented numerous mailing issues around the state, with absentee ballots being returned as undeliverable or turning up in mail processing centers after the election. 

To solve this issue, Wisconsin Elections Commission spokesperson Reid Magney says officials will implement a new tracking system with the U.S.