Saturday, December 07th


President Donald Trump said Friday his administration plans to raise the legal age to purchase vaping products to 21. The new rule will be part of a larger initiative to restrict e-cigaretttes and curb teen vaping to be announced next week. (Nov. 8) AP Domestic

MADISON - U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is urging President Donald Trump not to move forward with flavor restrictions for vaping products, citing worries about job losses and fewer alternatives for cigarette smokers.  

"I am supportive of regulations that ensure the safety of consumer products, and common-sense efforts that prevent youth access to e-cigarettes," Johnson wrote in a letter to Trump dated Wednesday. "But I am strongly opposed to far-reaching, unchecked government action that stifles innovation and restricts adults’ freedom to choose safer alternatives to smoking."

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President Donald Trump arrives with Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson to deliver a speech to supporters in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Saturday, April 27, 2019.