Sunday, December 08th

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Neil Albrecht, Executive Director for the City of Milwaukee Board of Election Commissioners, inserts test ballots into the DS 200 voting machine at Milwaukee City Hall on Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018, for testing. The commission was doing a public test of the electronic voting equipment.(Photo: Angela Peterson/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

MADISON - Three suburban Milwaukee men backed by a conservative legal foundation sued state election officials Wednesday to try to force them to remove thousands of people from the voting rolls because they are suspected of having moved.

At issue is whether up to 234,000 should be deemed ineligible to vote. If they are, the voters can regain the ability to cast a ballot by re-registering to vote online, at their clerk's office or at the polls on election day. 

The Wisconsin Elections Commission last month sent letters to voters who it believes may have moved. The letters told the recipients to update their voter registrations with their new addresses if they have moved or to notify the commission if they have not moved.