Thursday, November 14th


MADISON - The Assembly narrowly upheld one of Democratic Gov. Tony Evers' budget vetoes Thursday, continuing a tradition of more than three decades of keeping vetoes in place.   

Republicans who control the Assembly will take a swing at overriding two other vetoes later Thursday. 

The move comes a month after GOP leaders changed Assembly rules to allow them to try to override vetoes multiple times. That means Republicans can try again as often as they like between now and the spring to override vetoes.  

Also Thursday, Assembly members plan to pass a bill that would allow pharmacists to prescribe birth control.

The Assembly voted 62-34 along party lines to override one veto — just shy of the two-thirds margin needed to send it to the state Senate. 

Evers' veto shifted $15 million from a proposed crisis center in northern Wisconsin to the Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center in Madison. Lawmakers from both parties have said a mental health facility in northern Wisconsin is essential.