Wednesday, October 16th


Bill Penzey (right), founder of Penzeys Spices, talks to quality control manager Scott Nelson (left) in the retail shop in Brookfield in 2007.(Photo: WILLIAM MEYER, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Penzeys Spices is throwing more than a dash of salt into the battle over impeaching President Donald Trump.

The Wauwatosa-based firm has spent $92,000 on a sponsored pro-impeachment post on Facebook, the website AXIOS reported Wednesday.

In a lengthy Oct. 3 post, the firm's chief executive officer, Bill Penzey wrote: "The president’s Ukraine scandal is the big one. I get that it can be hard to believe any scandal will stick, but this one is different. This one is going to show you, from its very beginning, our nation has been built up from its bedrock to be ready for any political party that would crown their leader king."

According to data compiled by Bully Pulpit Interactive, Penzeys' Facebook ad spend on impeachment was second behind President Donald Trump's campaign, which spent $729,000 in the Sept.