Tuesday, June 25th


Ellen J. Censky talks to the media at Milwaukee Public Museum on Wednesday. Censky was named the Milwaukee Public Museum's president and chief executive officer. She had served in those positions in an interim role since September 2018 after the abrupt resignation of Dennis Kois.(Photo: Bill Glauber / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Ellen Censky's life and career have come full circle.

She's the new president and chief executive officer of the Milwaukee Public Museum, a place she knows well, from every nook and cranny of the facility to its storied 137-year history.

And she is proud to be the first woman to lead the institution and said she hopes that "it's an inspiration to every little girl out there to know that you can go off and do anything you want.

"You can go off in the field and get stopped by a jaguar, which did happen to me, and you can survive it.