Tuesday, June 25th

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Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.(Photo: Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

MADISON — State spending levels may not be set until at least October if Gov. Tony Evers vetoes the state budget Republican lawmakers are wrapping up this month, a top legislative leader warned on Tuesday.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said if Evers won't accept the two-year spending plan that includes hundreds of millions less for schools, roads and health care programs than what the new Democratic governor asked for, lawmakers likely wouldn't consider overruling him until fall.

"There are other things we're going to work on first," Vos said at a luncheon event hosted by Wisconsin Health News. 

Vos was discussing the possibility of Evers vetoing the entire budget, an idea Evers hasn't ruled out. But Evers also has the option of accepting much of what Republicans pass while using his partial veto powers to strike out some provisions.