Tuesday, May 21st

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The Supreme Court in the state Capitol in Madison, Wis.(Photo: Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

MADISON - The Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday on whether GOP lawmakers violated the state constitution when they held a lame-duck session in December to trim the powers of top Democrats who were about to take office.

The high court — controlled 4-3 by conservatives — must decide whether a method lawmakers have used to bring themselves into session for nearly 40 years is valid. GOP legislators contend a ruling against them could cause hundreds of other laws passed since 1980 to fall. 

The case is one of three challenges over the recent lame-duck laws that courts are considering. The state Supreme Court has taken an aspect of one of the other cases but hasn't said when it will hold arguments. The third case is in federal court. 

All three are aimed at undoing laws Republicans passed after Democrats won all statewide offices but before they were sworn in.