Monday, March 25th

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Wisconsin's U.S. senators, Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin.(Photo: Michael Sears, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson stuck with President Donald Trump and Democrat Tammy Baldwin opposed one of the president's signature initiatives in a key vote Thursday.

By a 59-41 margin, the U.S. Senate approved a House measure to overturn Trump's emergency declaration over the U.S.-Mexico border.

The president declared the emergency so that he could free up funds for construction of a border wall.

Baldwin joined all the Democrats and 12 Republicans in voting to overturn the emergency declaration. Johnson voted against the bill, which Trump has vowed to veto.

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Johnson cast blame on Democrats.

"Unfortunately, securing America's border has turned into a political brawl, with Democrats — who supported border barriers in the past — now refusing to supply the funding for necessary barriers because they don't like this president," Johnson said in a statement.