Monday, March 25th

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (left) and State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor shown during a tour of a Madison school in January.(Photo: Associated Press)

MADISON - Gov. Tony Evers said Thursday the more than $1 billion in tax increases included in his state budget were "pretty close" to his campaign declaration that he wasn't planning to raise taxes.    

"We’re pretty close," the Democratic governor told WTMJ-AM's Steve Scaffidi. "I think we’ll be pretty close. There may be some small tax increases."

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald quickly pounced: "Is this a joke?" he tweeted. 

Just before he defeated Republican Gov. Scott Walker, Evers said he was "planning to raise no taxes," even as he left open the possibility of boosting the gas tax. 

Last month, he unveiled his two-year budget, which would raise the gas tax 8 cents a gallon, from 32.9 cents to 40.9 cents. The plan also calls for repealing minimum markup for gasoline, which could bring the price of gas down overall.