Thursday, February 21st

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Gov. Tony Evers enters the Assembly to deliver his State of the State address at the Capitol in Madison.(Photo: Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

MADISON - Another lawsuit, another round of legal bills for taxpayers.  

Gov. Tony Evers has retained Pines Bach and will pay the firm up to $50,000 to represent him in a lawsuit challenging lame-duck laws curbing his power that Republicans passed just before he took office. 

The contract is identical to one he reached with the firm to represent him in an earlier lawsuit challenging the same laws. Taxpayers will pay the firm $275 an hour. 

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Republican lawmakers have also retained private lawyers, but they haven't yet released a copy of the contract that will show how much taxpayers will be spending on them. 

And Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul hasn't said whether he will hire private attorneys at taxpayer expense to represent him.