Tuesday, December 11th

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Gov.-elect Tony Evers offers support to Milwaukee as he speaks with Mayor Tom Barrett at City Hall Tuesday. Evers said he wants to continue working with Barrett and the Common Council to benefit Milwaukee.(Photo: RIck Wood, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)Buy Photo

MADISON - Just before the sun rose Wednesday, Republicans in the state Legislature approved legislation to limit early voting and diminish the powers of the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general.

But lawmakers failed to make good on a campaign promise from Gov. Scott Walker during his failed re-election bid to pass legislation that would protect health coverage for pre-existing conditions.

All Democrats and two Republicans in the state Senate early Wednesday voted against legislation that would enact language aimed at protecting pre-existing conditions — killing a bill that passed the Assembly earlier this year. 

The failed legislation comes as Republicans in the Assembly are considering passing a measure that would hamper the incoming Democratic attorney general from withdrawing the state from a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn the Affordable Care Act.