Monday, October 15th

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The federal courthouse at 517 E. Wisconsin Ave. in Milwaukee.(Photo: Angela Peterson / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)Buy Photo

A Sheboygan County addiction treatment center advertises itself as "Providing hope and care without judgment," at least for clients, though perhaps not staff, according to a new lawsuit.

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A former counselor at Pathways to a Better Life, LLC in Kiel says he was wrongly fired for wearing women's clothing as part of his adaptation to being gender/non-binary.

James W. Lammers, a licensed professional counselor, says in his federal civil rights suit that his former employer violated both Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and state fair employment law.

According to his suit:

Lammers, 38, had presented as male for more than 30 years. He married and had two children. But in 2015, he realized he "identified as gendergueer/gender non-binary."

Lammers would be broadly defined as transgender, but differs from transgender people who committed to transitioning — by appearance, name, pronoun preference and sometimes hormonal treatment and surgery — to their gender identity from the sex assigned at birth.