Wednesday, September 19th

Scott Walker (left) and Tony Evers(Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

A day after Tony Evers charged that Republican Gov. Scott Walker was taking the race into the gutter, Walker declared that he's running "an extremely positive campaign"  and defended a blistering ad against his Democratic rival.

Walker indicated that most of the negative attacks in the race have been launched against him.

"I think if you turn on TV, or you listen to the radio or you look at other advertisements, you'll see that almost every ad directed at me is a negative one," Walker said during a stop at Metro Market in Milwaukee. "You'll see that the ads we talk about are the ads talking about our plan to keep Wisconsin working for generations to come."

Walker said that "literally a couple, less than a handful" of his ads have talked about Evers' "record, his plans, which we think are legitimate issues to use his own words or his own record to point out the differences.