Wednesday, August 23rd

Sean was an amazing warrior who traded his sword and shield for well-deserved wings on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at the University of Minnesota Medical Center.

He was surrounded by family and friends, who told stories of his life and his shenanigans, laughing, crying, and loving him and each other.

Sean entered the world 15 weeks early on February 12, 1998 (weighing a mere 1 lb 6 oz), impatient to demonstrate just how strong and stubborn he was. He was a crazy kid, always getting into things he wasn't supposed to, making Picasso-style artwork on the hallway walls with Sharpie, and getting as dirty as humanly possible.

During his 19 years, Sean attended school in Black River Falls, the Ronald McDonald House "School Inside the House", and Chippewa Falls. He was involved in the Sharing Pioneers 4-H club for many years (albeit sometimes reluctantly), and very much rejoiced in becoming old enough to be a camp counselor.