Wednesday, April 25th


Attendees at the Friends of the Black River April meeting were led in singing the songs of Wisconsin frogs and not one of the lyrics was “ribbet.”

Beaver Creek Reserve naturalist Ruth Forsgren and “frog chorus director” introduced FBR members and their guests to the calls of the state’s various frog species. Forsgren presented the program about frogs and the important role they play in the environment at the April 11 FBR meeting.

She admitted a California frog species does make a call most Americans associate with frogs. Along with that generally accepted frog vocalization, Forsgren said moviegoers and television watchers have also been influence by a Muppet into believing frogs are all the same color.

“Hollywood has messed up our minds a bit,” Forsgren said. “Not all frogs say ribbet and not all frogs are green.”

The human chorus at the frog program “sang” a variety of male frog calls, ranging from a sustained trill to the sound resembling a thumb rubbing a balloon to a thumbnail stroking the teeth of a comb to the clicking of metal ball bearings tapping each other to the sound of woodpeckers at work.

Has everyone dug themselves out yet?

Wow, what a snowfall — a record-breaker for April.

It was certainly a Friday 13th and beyond for weather — rain, ice pellets, thunder, lightning, snow, fog, big fluffy flakes to total whiteout.

We Wisconsinites have a wry sense of humor when it comes to the weather. (Read these posts and got a giggle. “It’s like winter is really mad and keeps storming out of the room and then coming back yelling “and another thing;” “it’s the 96th day of January;“ and “Mother Nature apologizes for the lateness of spring but Father Time was driving and refused to stop and ask for directions.”).

But by the time the three-day storm dumped 8-14 or more inches in the area with drifts up to four feet, suddenly the sense of humor went south. Imagine having Interstate 94 closed all the way from Hudson to Black River Falls.

Contestants are needed for the HCE June Dairy Recipe Contest, which will be held May 1 at the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Black River Falls.

The category this year is quick breads. Quick breads are breads made with a leavening agent (such as baking powder and/or baking soda) and without yeast.

Recipes must be submitted on an 8x11 sheet of paper, typed or printed neatly, with ingredients listed in order in which they are used. Preparation directions should be given in an orderly fashion.

You must include your name, address and phone number in the upper right hand corner of the recipe.

Provide four half-inch slices of quick bread on a plate.

Bring your entry by 5:30 p.m. in order to be judged. Winners will be announced at the conclusion of the program.

You need not be an HCE member to enter and do not need to attend the spring meeting.

The FCCLA chapter at Black River Falls High School received a gold chapter award for small schools at the recent state convention. The chapter also received a $250 grant and had several national qualifiers. Black River Falls sent 18 students and an adviser.

Winners included:

Ali Zillmer, Ashley Overlien Kaytlin Johnson — gold national qualifier for chapter service project display.Katie Leadholm, Kim Leadholm and Maggie Roou — gold for chapter service project portfolio.Kayla Gilbertson and Emma Goodenough — silver for national qualifier-environmental ambassador.Bella Cowles, Alyssa Stemper and Cassidy Boerger -i silver for illustrated talk.Mark Gacek and Andrea Peterson — silver for chapter service project display.Allisen Hertz and Ella Christenson—-bronze for life event planning.Jenna Johnson — bronze for promote and publicize.Channing Manske silver for interior design.Madison Eberhardt — silver for sports nutrition.

Registration is underway for the 14th Annual Karner Blue 5k-10k-Half Marathon.

An estimated 200 runners are expected to compete in the races Saturday, June 30, which are sponsored by the Black River Area Chamber of Commerce. The half marathon begins at 7 a.m., the 5K and 10K at 8 a.m. and a free kids race sponsored by Jackson In Action for youth ages 10 and under starts at 9 a.m.

“This is an important fundraiser and popular event for the Black River Area Chamber of Commerce,” said Amanda Gunn, chamber executive director. “It’s one of the premier road races of the year in this area.”

Registration is $45 for the half marathon until June 22 and will increase to $50 for late registrants. Cost is $25 for the 5K and 10K races which will increase to $30 after June 22. Teams of five runners can sign up for the Corporate Challenge.