Tuesday, November 21st


It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been writing this column for two years now. There seems to be no shortage of column ideas. The list of topics on the bulletin board above my desk is longer than it was the day I started.(tncms-asset)0b13d4d8-5fde-11e5-8ca2-00163ec2aa77[0](/tncms-asset)

My motivation for writing the column was and remains to help consumers learn about how their food, especially milk and meat, are produced. It’s time for a quiz. Let me know your score and help me gauge your understanding of what happens on a dairy farm.

The questions

1. How much economic activity does the average Wisconsin dairy farmer contribute to our state’s economy each year?

2. What is a TMR?

3. How many hours per week does the average dairy farmer work?

During the Jackson County Highway Committee meeting last Thursday, American Transmission Company requested the county to sign a road repair reimbursement agreement to allow overweight trucks from ATC to haul on Hwy. P while they are constructing the Badger Coulee Transmission Line in the area.

ATC is working with Xcel Energy Corp. to build a transmission line that stretches 180 miles from Holmen to Blair and then across to Black River Falls and then follows Interstate 94 to Dane County. The line is expected to be operational in the fall of 2018.

Jackson County Highway Commissioner Randy Anderson had been hesitant to sign the agreement because the county is currently working on a deal with Gerke Excavating to fix the pavement issues with Hwy.

Two buildings at the E&F Motel property were ordered to be razed last Tuesday during the monthly Common Council meeting after it was recommended following a Sept. 26 inspection.

The Jackson County Department of Health posted notices on four units November 2016, rendering it unlawful for any person to occupy or reside on the property. The city of Black River Falls then began the process for getting the property inspected.

Lorraine Leffingwell, owner of the E&F Motel, and her family have been working on tearing down parts of the motel for several months to be compliant with the anticipated order.

“Looking at this, it will be completed tomorrow. It is partially down now. We’ve got a guy coming tomorrow to take down the rest of it,” Jim Leffingwell, Lorraine Leffingwell’s son, said during the meeting.a

After months of road construction on Second, Third and Hoffman streets in Hixton, it isn’t looking promising that all of the paving for the project will be completed by the end of the year.

“They are doing some shaping to prepare for Friday. I don’t know how far they are going to get on paving itself,” Dave Krugler, engineer with MSA Professional Services and engineer on the project, said.

If SGS Excavating, the company that is set to pave the roads in Hixton, is able to pave Friday with the weather, they will pave Hwy. FF first and then move onto the driveways and then the village roads.

Jamie Steen, president of SGS Excavating, said they are hoping to complete the project, “I totally intend to if I can get the asphalt going.

“There are very good numbers of deer and plenty of opportunities to hunt deer in a variety of settings with a variety of implements over a long period of time. It should be a very favorable season.”

That statement is according to Dave Matheys, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources West Central district wildlife biologist in Viroqua. “Our upcoming seasons are very promising,” Matheys said.

Matheys doesn’t remember a nut crop — acorns, walnuts and hickory nuts — like the trees have put on this year. Not ever. That should help hunters zero in on some very good hunting locations and give deer, turkeys and squirrels plenty to feed on and fatten up on through November and into December.

There is great diversity of deer population in the district but great diversity of opinions, even among the member of the local County Deer Advisory Councils (CDACs) as to where the deer are located.