Tuesday, November 21st


The Jackson County Highway Department is working with Gerke Excavating, Inc. to fix some divots created by their trucks in the spring of 2017 on Hwy. P between East Blair Road and Hwy. X.

Gerke Excavating, Inc. repaved the road in 2015 and created the divots when they came back the following spring.

“They came back because the shoulders had settled a little bit more than they should have the following year and so they were trying to re-shoulder the road,” Jackson County highway commissioner Randy Anderson said. “When they came out on the project to inspect it, they were actually doing damage to the road. Any place that trucks were sitting for a period of time, the trucks were actually sinking into the asphalt up to three-quarters of an inch.

During the Oct. 18 Common Council meeting, Black River Falls changed how it distributes funds collected from its room tax, increasing the amount given to the Lunda Community Park Maintenance Fund which has operated in the red since it began.

“We have been operating at a deficit since the park opened and there is actually an agreement in place between the Lunda Charitable Fund and the city that states five years after the park opened the city would assume all financial responsibility, and we have been unable to do that and it has been 17 years,” Black River Falls administrator Brad Chown said.

The city of Black River Falls and the town of Brockway collect a seven percent tax for every room a hotel, motel or bed and breakfast collects.

The Jackson County Bird Club, which was formed in 1986, is a busy organization tasked with keeping a watchful eye on the many bird populations in Jackson County.

The club was formed by Tim Risch, a new resident of Jackson County who had formerly been a member of the Clark County Bird Club.

He initially gathered a few members that eventually turned into many as people learned of the new association.

The aim of the club is to learn more about birds, their habitat and all the latest news, both local and nationwide. A big part of the association was being able to meet people who also share the love of birds and were willing to share their knowledge with others.

It was cloudy and chilly for trick-or-treating Tuesday night, but hundreds of kids took to the streets to celebrate Halloween.

The night started early at the Pine View Care Center and Terrace and Atrium Post Acute Care where residents lined up to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters as they passed by providing an opportunity for many grandparents to see their grandchildren in their Halloween garb.

Then a bevy of trick-or-treaters took to the streets in all the municipalities in Jackson County to grab some candy throughout the night.

Hixton and Taylor started their trick-or-treat hours at 4 p.m., with Alma Center’s to follow at 4:30 p.m.

Black River Falls, Merrillan and Melrose all started at 5 p.m.

A Jackson County sheriff’s deputy fatally shot an armed Black River Falls man early Saturday in the town of Komensky, according to the Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation.

Jackson County Sheriff Duane Waldera said the incident started when deputy Justin Wathke investigated a call about disorderly conduct and a possible restraining order violation.

When Wathke arrived, he took a statement from the female caller and then went to take a statement from the subject of the complaint, Lucas J. DeFord, 27, of Black River Falls. Waldera said a car chase ensued after Wathke arrived and DeFord drove to the residence of the female complainant.

“The vehicle definitely was going to the residence,” Waldera said. ”It ended at the residence, right in the front driveway.