Wednesday, April 25th


An Independence man was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting an officer after a March 20 disturbance at a probation office in Black River Falls.

According to the criminal complaint, several law enforcement officers were needed to subdue 45-year-old Loren W. Pate. A Department of Corrections employee requested that two Black River Falls Police Department officers take Pate, who had an active arrest warrant, into custody.

Upon the officers’ arrival, Pate immediately became agitated, crouched into a fighting stance, clenched his fists and directed profanities toward the officers. The complaint said Pate was given several opportunities to comply with police commands but continued his loud and abusive behavior.

Pate continued to resist after officers commanded him to put his hands behind his back so he could be handcuffed. During that time, Pate threatened to fight officers and said he wasn’t going to be taken to jail.

Nurses at Black River Memorial Hospital, Mya Elmhorst and Luci Bue, recently became certified lactation counselors through the Healthy Children’s Center for Breastfeeding.

This program provided training for Mya and Luci to help further educate and support breastfeeding moms on subjects such as how to help a baby latch. They can now assist new moms initiate breastfeeding and help if problems arise. They can also teach mothers how to work through those struggles. Elmhorst said, “This training will help us have a more positive affect while supporting new moms who are learning how to breastfeed. Our training also provides greater patient access to lactation counselors here at BRMH.”

For more information on breastfeeding call 715-284-1329 or visit the OB pages at

March 16-22

Sean B. Allen, Elmhurst, Illinois, possession of marijuana, $389.50; possession of drug paraphernalia, $263.50.

Michael Dale Allen, Fayetteville, West Virginia, speeding 11-15 mph over, $200.50; operating without valid driver's license, $200.50.

Hope Elizabeth Anderson, Nekoosa, speeding 16-19 mph over, $200.50.

Amy Lynn Bastian, Milwaukee, speeding 16-19 mph over.

Andrea J. Bertrang, Fairchild, drunk driving, $1,069, with driver's license revocation for seven months and installation of ignition interlock device.

Debroah Tikola Bowden, Minneapolis, operating without valid driver's license, $200.50.

Summer Dawn Cadmus, Colfax, theft, $282.70, with restitution.

Maxwell A. Carson, Pleasant Prairie, speeding 11-15 mph over, $200.50.

Aaron L. Carter, Sparta, speeding 16-19 mph over, $200.50.

David Kirby Caruso, Milwaukee, operating without proof of insurance, $10; speeding 16-19 mph over, $250.90.

Laura Marie Cherwenka, La Crosse, possession of drug paraphernalia, $200.50.

Robert Cleveland, New Lisbon, trespassing, $326.50.

It was interesting having Easter on April 1.

Someone told me that hasn’t happened since 1956.

A couple of people came up with the notion of taking the foil wrapping from bite-sized Easter chocolate eggs and replacing the chocolate with grapes and putting out Brussels sprouts as cake pops as an April Fool’s prank.

But my favorite prank was seeing a picture of a Krispy Kreme box hiding a vegetable tray. In honor of the day, instead of ham and the fixins’, we had pizza.

For some reason, this Easter was one of bringing up memories.

My mom was talented at a lot of things, but sewing wasn’t one of them. So I didn’t have frilly handcrafted dresses but I remember a lot of Easter bonnets.

Another talent Mom had was picking memorable gifts, and one Easter I remember getting the most beautiful Easter egg made out of sugar with an Easter scene inside of it.

TOWN OF BROCKWAY — Charges are pending against a Black River Falls man accused of striking a woman with his car on Monday evening, according to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

Cody Winneshiek-Kish, 22, told authorities he went to the 47-year-old victim’s house in the town of Brockway about 6:15 p.m. to confront her after she threatened his mother on social media. He said the woman hit him with a metal pipe, then stood in front of his car while she was on the phone with police before he hit her with his car several times, according to the department.

The woman suffered a broken vertebrae, two broken ankles and a possible broken wrist.

Winneshiek-Kish was arrested for hit-and-run causing injury. Additional charges are likely.