Sunday, February 25th


A 31-year-old Black River Falls man has been charged with felony assault after allegedly hitting and choking a Black River Falls woman during a Jan. 26 incident in the town of Brockway.

According to the criminal complaint, the woman got into a car with Aaron Dewayne Saul and another man around 3 a.m. and drove the back roads outside of Black River Falls. During the ride, the woman became upset after an argument between her and Saul. The woman got out of the vehicle, and Saul walked up to her and told her to get back in. The complaint said Saul struck the woman in the face once with a closed fist.

Following the punch, the complaint says Saul choked the woman, who told police she felt like she was going to pass out.

A 26-year-old Black River Falls man has been charged with threatening a woman with bodily harm during an abusive tirade at a town of Hixton residence Jan. 17.

According to the criminal complaint, an intoxicated Ben Colton Paprocki got into an argument with a woman and began throwing things inside the residence. She said the argument started after Paprocki began flipping lights on and off inside the house in an attempt to annoy her. After she asked him to stop, he responded with loud and vulgar language. He then allegedly kicked a baby gate across the room and damaged some wood trim.

The woman said Paprocki became enraged after she told him she would call police.

A 41-year-old Black River Falls woman has been charged with third-offense drunk driving and resisting an officer after a Jan. 13 traffic stop in the town of Brockway.

According to the criminal complaint, a Jackson County Sheriff's deputy was called to a report of car that had driven into a snowbank on Airport Road shortly after 10 p.m. When the deputy arrived, Amylynn F. Baker was attempting to climb over the snowbank toward the front of the vehicle. She fell into the snowbank and wasn't moving when the deputy made contact.

The deputy helped Baker from the snowbank. The complaint says Baker was barely able to stand and frequently relied on the vehicle to retain her balance. The deputy reported Baker had slurred speech and glassy eyes.

TAYLOR — Despite an ongoing legal challenge, a new high-voltage power line is taking shape in Jackson County with some help from above.

A crew piloting a massive helicopter spent the week erecting steel towers along a roughly eight-mile stretch of rugged terrain between Black River Falls and Blair for the project known as Badger Coulee.

A joint venture of American Transmission Co. and utilities including Xcel and La Crosse-based Dairyland Power Cooperative, the 180-mile line between La Crosse and Madison will connect to the new CapX2020 high-voltage line, which brings power from Minnesota.

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The Franciscan Spirituality Center’s 12th annual celebration of married life will feature ideas for simple yet meaningful ways to regularly connect with your partner.

“Celebrating Intentionality in Your Marriage” will take place from 2 to 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 10, at the FSC, 920 Market St., La Crosse. Facilitators will be Matt and Jean Pagliaro.

“Life and daily demands on time, money and family needs often outdo the need to spend intentional time with your spouse,” said Jean, who is program coordinator at the FSC. The couple, who have been married 14 years and have two young children, will “explore some fun, affordable and easy ways to incorporate regular date nights into your marriage.”

The event will end with its own mini date night: a cocktail party with heavy appetizers.