Wednesday, August 23rd


A fire broke out at the Hixton Travel Plaza during the weekend causing damage to a nearby semi and the black top.

General manager Andy Kramer said the driver was the first one to spot the fire and when he left to see what had happened, the truck was engulfed in flame.

Kramer said it is pretty rare to see something like this happen, “It was definitely unique.”

The building of the travel plaza was unharmed by the fire, but there will be some blacktop that needs to be replaced.

“The most important part though is that we kept our customers and people safe,” Kramer said.

There were 18 members of the Hixton Fire and Rescue department that responded to the fire at about 6 p.m.

It’s no secret that Jackson County is battling the opioid epidemic like the rest of the state, but the problem only seems to be growing as being a recovering addict is a tough road.

Tena Quackenbush knows that struggle all too well, and has started to work towards combating the stigmas that recovering addicts can face.

She said she started using after her brother died in a car accident. She used because she struggled with how to cope with the loss.

On July 4, 2012 after 25 years of addiction, Quackenbush made that her personal day of liberation from addiction and has concentrated her efforts since then into giving people the same hope.

“I’ve been fighting this war for a long time,” Quackenbush said.


Best of Show – Ethan Peterson

Reserve – Myranda Dalbec

Outstanding – Ely Bakken, Ethan Peterson, Myranda Dalbec , Ely Bakken, Ethan Peterson and Isla Gjerseth

Blue Ribbons – Friedrik Gunderson, Chase Kampen, Aurora Olson, Emma Kampen, Isla Gjerseth, Mia Haudolz, Greta Chandler, Carrie Blazek, Alyssa Lindow, Serenity Olson, Ethan Peterson, Ely Blaken, Greta Bakken, Justin Blazek, Faith Gjerseth, Faith Emerson, Morgan Lindow, Eric Peterson, Bailey Johnson, Andrea Danielson, Rene Rommel, Zacheriah Franck, Rylie Dobson, Jhett Hale, Brewer Schlifer, Cordell Sampson, Colby Sampson, Aydan Stetzer, Chris Blazek, Macy Goldsmith, Brayden Wanie, Alexandria Blazek, Henry Kraudy, Cora Schlifer, Brooklyn Tenner, Joe Grabers, Scott Johnson and Zacharie Dobson


Best of Show (Jr. Fair) – Abigail Mann   Overall Showman- Abigail Mann  Showmanship Beginner – Abigail Mann Intermediate – Lauren Bergerson  Senior Myranda Dalbec

Wisconsin’s state legislature has yet to pass a budget for this year and those hang ups have left school districts up in the air.

There are some important provisions in the budget that districts need to know before they can confidently pass their own budgets.

The state has offered the idea of a per pupil increase to school funding that would help a lot of smaller districts, but there’s also a suggestion to make school districts pay 12 percent of health insurance premiums.

“Hopefully the per pupil increase stays,” Melrose-Mindoro superintendent Del DeBerg said. “It could change overnight though.”

DeBerg has presented a rough budget in the past few school board meetings, but stresses it isn’t final until they know what help they will get from the state.

The Melrose-Mindoro School District recently announced at their monthly school board meeting that there will not be a reduced school zone speed limit on Hwy. 108 in front of the new consolidated campus. The DOT instead would like to see turn lanes put in place.

“We have been working with the school district with regards to that new development and the issue has come up, but what we are trying to do is come up with a solution to accommodate the turns off of Hwy. 108 into and out of the school so that we don’t have to impede the traffic on 108,” Rick Tumaniec, traffic engineer for the DOT, said.

Del DeBerg, superintendent for the Melrose-Mindoro School District, was hoping for more options.