Wednesday, August 23rd



Best of Show – Ethan Peterson

Reserve – Myranda Dalbec

Outstanding – Ely Bakken, Ethan Peterson, Myranda Dalbec , Ely Bakken, Ethan Peterson and Isla Gjerseth

Blue Ribbons – Friedrik Gunderson, Chase Kampen, Aurora Olson, Emma Kampen, Isla Gjerseth, Mia Haudolz, Greta Chandler, Carrie Blazek, Alyssa Lindow, Serenity Olson, Ethan Peterson, Ely Blaken, Greta Bakken, Justin Blazek, Faith Gjerseth, Faith Emerson, Morgan Lindow, Eric Peterson, Bailey Johnson, Andrea Danielson, Rene Rommel, Zacheriah Franck, Rylie Dobson, Jhett Hale, Brewer Schlifer, Cordell Sampson, Colby Sampson, Aydan Stetzer, Chris Blazek, Macy Goldsmith, Brayden Wanie, Alexandria Blazek, Henry Kraudy, Cora Schlifer, Brooklyn Tenner, Joe Grabers, Scott Johnson and Zacharie Dobson


Best of Show (Jr. Fair) – Abigail Mann Overall Showman- Abigail Mann Showmanship Beginner – Abigail Mann Intermediate – Lauren Bergerson Senior Myranda Dalbec

Lieutenant Dan, or more affectionately called Gus, is a 13-week-old liver and tan bloodhound and the newest member of the K-9 Unit for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. Gus continues a tradition of bloodhounds at the department since 2008.

Chief deputy Mark Moan is in charge of the bloodhounds in Jackson County, which is one of less than five law enforcement offices in the state to have bloodhounds.

Besides Gus, Moan also has Daisy who is a female bloodhound that is more than nine-years-old. Gus was purchased to replace a dog Moan recently lost called Clyde, who was more than seven-years-old.

In the world of K-9 use in law enforcement, bloodhounds are quickly being passed by dogs that can do several things like tracking and apprehending a suspect.

The Jackson County Fair Auction held Saturday, Aug. 5 once again saw a lot of action this year with a total of 78 animals being sold and grossing nearly $126,000.

Market beef were up first where the sale totaled $72,809.30 with an average price of $2.69 per pound. A total of 20 animals were sold.

There were 23 market lambs in the sale totaling $17,636.90 and garnering an average price of $5.55 per pound.

For the market hogs, the total sales reached $32,372.40 on 30 hogs sold. The average price per pound was $4.05.

The market goats brought a lot of excitement as both goats sold grossed more $14 per pound for a total sale of $2,506.

Earlier in the year, county officials put in applications for grants through the Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) program to help battle the drug problems in the county.

TAD programs are intended to help provide non-violent offenders who abuse drugs or alcohol get the help that is needed.

Unfortunately, Jackson County was not one of the 50 counties and tribes selected in the 2017 funding, but the county is quickly moving towards phase two.

Those that weren’t selected as a part of the TAD program still have a chance to receive funding from the state for similar efforts. Jackson County is planning on applying for this grant to help with the opiate issues in the county.

“What we are discussing is putting applications for medically-assisted treatment for opiate abusers or higher OWIs who keep ending up in jail for bond jumping,” Jackson County judge Anna Becker said.

The most important part of any good animal shelter is having a safe and clean space for cats, dogs and pets of all shapes and sizes.

Jackson County's animal shelter has been looking at possible remodeling of their site to help update the building to better handle the animals they take in.

Over the past few months though, as fundraisers have been held and money has been raised, the better option might be to build a completely new building.

The current facility has serviced its volunteers well, but with a number of sanitary, sound and space issues, the better option seems to now be to start from scratch.

Some of the initial problems with this proposal was finding a place to go, moving outside of Black River Falls means the city would no longer pay for the utilities of the building.