Saturday, November 28th

It all began some 40,000 years ago when cavewoman pointed at the soot-covered walls of her domicile and made it clear to caveman in the universal language of feminine displeasure still spoken today that she was not pleased with the appearance of her abode.

That proclamation was likely met with a shoulder shrug from caveman who felt pigmentation spreading was very low on his agenda when there were mastodons to slay and it was poker night with the boys. But after some repeated cold glances and cold shoulders and probably a few kicks for additional emphasis, even old caveman understood who wore the animal skins in the family.

So with the mixture of some earth pigments, charcoal and calcium and probably some spit and primitive swear words still in use today, caveman created the first emulsion consisting of pigments suspended in a liquid medium for use as a decorative coating.