Thursday, October 22nd

Wetlands of all types play critical roles in flood protection for farmland and municipalities, the water quality of surface and underground water tables and habitat for wildlife.

“Wetlands grab water and slow it down,” said Tracy Hames, executive director of Wisconsin Wetland Association. “They reduce erosion and capture sediment. They support native vegetation and enhance trout habitat. If you lose them (wetlands), you lose the trout stream.”

Hames presented a program about the importance of wetlands at the June 13 Friends of the Black River meeting. As WWA’s executive director since 2012, Hames travels the state to help communities understand how wetlands can be solutions to habitat degradation, diminished water quality and flooding.

“Wetlands are the areas between the places that are always dry and the lands that are always wet,” Hames said, “and isolated wetlands are where water flows in but doesn’t appear to flow out.