Friday, February 15th

The importance of isolated wetlands will be topic of FBR meeting program

To some, an isolated wetland is just a “swamp that needs to be drained.” To the more knowledgeable, the special habitat plays a vital role in the health of the environment.

The importance of those wetlands will be the topic of the Friends of the Black River’s June meeting program. The meeting will be 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 13, in the Jackson County Bank’s community room.

Tracy Hames, executive director of Wisconsin Wetlands Association, will present the program about the history of the state’s wetlands and the ways the wetlands benefit people as well as wildlife.

Isolated wetlands are natural habitats that seem to have no connection to other surface waters such as streams, rivers or lakes. Of the remaining 5 million acres, more than 20 percent are identified as isolated.

Hames’ presentation will discuss how isolated wetlands are determined and address the types of wetlands in Wisconsin, where they’re located, why they’re important and how concerned residents can help protect and care for these valuable resource.