Saturday, September 26th

The smell of pancakes and sawdust was in the air as I walked toward the large machine shed on the Nate and Karen Kling farm in rural Taylor on June 2.

Volunteers were busy directing cars and walking paths were lined with wood shavings. It was the 37th annual Jackson County dairy breakfast.

If you’ve never eaten breakfast on a farm before, this is the month to do it.

The tradition of Wisconsin dairy breakfasts is in full swing as part of June Dairy Month. Each weekend this month there are opportunities across the state to visit a farm, eat breakfast and learn about how today’s dairy operations are run.

Even though Wisconsin lost 500 dairy farms in 2017, there were still 8,801 active cow dairy farms in the state as of Jan. 1. While most dairy farms have gotten larger, they are still nearly all family-owned businesses.