Sunday, August 20th

Lars Helgeson, 23, of Hixton plead guilty Thursday to first-degree intentional homicide for the 2013 death of his father, Brian O. Helgeson.

Due to reasons of natural disease or defect, the court found him not guilty after a doctor testified that Helgeson lacked the mental capacity to understand the wrongfulness of his act and so will be committed to the Mendota Mental Health Institute for life.

In 2013, Helgeson shot his father in their rural Hixton home, burned the body and hid it in an all-terrain vehicle track.

Helgeson was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and according to court documents, his family said he suffered from delusions and hallucinations.

The defense argued that the state statutes on insanity pleas didn't take into account brain maturity and cited studies pointing out the brain doesn't fully mature until 25.