Sunday, August 20th

During their 53-year marriage, Warrens cranberry growers Clinton and Ellen Potter amassed a collection of 1,500 pieces of cranberry glass, continuing to add pieces until Ellen’s death in 2000. Following Clinton’s death last year at age 95, the couples’ three children − Peggy Anderson, Jack Potter and Becky Hayes − began discussing how to disperse their parents’ vast collection.

“We talked about dividing the collection between the family members, selling it through an auction house, donating it to the Museum of American Glass in West Virginia in order to keep the collection together, but ultimately we decided to give Clinton and Ellen’s cranberry glass collection to the Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center,” said daughter-in-law Lorry Erickson.

The family is keeping some of its favorite pieces, but the majority of the collection is being donated to the Cranberry Discovery Center in downtown Warrens.