Sunday, August 20th

Fish were being caught all across the area last weekend.

Nancy Steinhauer of Rosco’s Live Bait in Tomah, said fish were active everywhere, biting best on local cranberry marshes.

“Fishing was awesome everywhere. We got some really big fish that came in,” she said. “We’ve got on the board right now a 10 ¾-inch bluegill, a 14 ½-inch crappie, a 22-inch bass and a 41-inch northern. ... There were some that came in that were under those (lengths), but a lot of people caught fish. You wouldn’t think (they would have) in the wind, but they did. It was a really good weekend.”

For bait, a bit of everything worked, Steinhauer reported, from minnows to worms, to plastics and spinner baits.