The Coulee Conference golf season wrapped up recently with Onalaska Luther coming out on top as the conference champion.

BRF would end the day taking sixth place honors for the conference.

The conference match was held in Ettrick, where the BRF team as a whole shot a 404.

Ty Breese had the best individual performance for the Tigers with a 94, while the rest of the team shot in the low 100s.

The player of the year for the Coulee Conference was Joel Ellefson from Viroqua who also won the same honor last year.

The Tigers didn’t have any players make all-conference teams or receive honorable mentions.

The Coulee Conference golf season wrapped up recently with Onalaska Luther coming out on top as the conference champion.

BRF baseball has been on a bit of a hot streak as of late and took that momentum into its match against the Altoona Railroaders.

Things would start off slow for both squads as Reese Vold notched a pair of strikeouts during the first two innings.

The Tigers would finally get things going in the third inning as two straight walks gave BRF some runners to work with.

Isaac Cowles would send a sacrifice fly into left field to bring in the game’s first run.

An error during Robert Rave’s at bat would bring in the second, giving the Tigers a 2-0 lead.

Vold would pitch a three-up, three-down inning in the third and shut out the Railroaders in the fourth to keep the lead intact.

This past weekend, I attended two college graduations.

One for my wife who got her Master’s Degree in Social Work from IUPUI and the other for my sister who got her Bachelor’s Degree in Life Sciences Communication from UW-Madison.

I was proud of both of them for accomplishing this great feat, especially my wife because I know exactly what she had to give up to accomplish this goal. How much homework she had and how many hours she had to stew over it while still working a full-time job.

As I sat at the ceremonies, I was reminded of the Wisconsin Idea.

The UW System was founded on the Wisconsin Idea, which originated from the former UW-Madison president Charles Van Hise who said in 1905, “I shall never be content until the beneficent influence of the university reaches every family of the state.

“Can anything be done to force the largest corporations in the state to pay something for the roads, ports, airports, fire and police services, educated workforce, etc. that they are using in our state?” Linea recently wrote to me. “This implies the smaller businesses are paying far more than their fair share.”

About the time Linea’s question came to me, so did a new memo from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) examining the drop in money coming to the state from corporations.

I wondered, just how have business tax credits changed and how might they change in the new budget?

Some of the items Linea mentioned are part of the transportation budget. For this column, I will set aside a discussion of road-related taxes.

When I was a mere teen of 15 years old, my Father died. It was a very confusing time in my life, not only because I witnessed someone I loved go through unbearable pain, but being that age has its own set of “crazy” emotions.

Now my Mom and I were always exceptionally close, I not only labored over the perfect Mother’s Day cards for her, but I also gave her Father’s Day cards. She was my everything. Since she passed 26 years ago, I say a prayer and let her know I’m thinking about her extra hard on the day made special for Moms. I do that on the day of my birth too. That was her birthing day. I send up a thank you and remind myself how blessed I was to have her even though things got tough for her and she needed a lot of my attention.

Lincoln baseball started off a recent three-game run against the Augusta Beavers at home.

Lincoln got off to a hot start as the Hornet bats were buzzing.

The Hornets would bring in three runs in the first to take a 3-1 lead.

The game went back and forth for a good majority as the Beavers refused to let things get too far out of hand.

That changed with the fifth inning though as Lincoln came up to bat with its lead whittled down to 6-4.

Deciding that was too close for comfort, the Hornets let Augusta have it and scored five runs to put the game out of reach at 11-4, the final score would end at 11-5 in favor of the Hornets.