After the storms subsided and moved out of Black River Falls Wednesday, the city's common council held a special meeting to sort through some issues.

One of the most pressing items on the agenda was issuing a state of emergency to help expedite the process of fixing the washed out culvert underneath the Black River bridge near Advanced Chiropractic.

Officials said the culvert needs to be fixed as soon as possible, especially after the recent heavy rains, as every storm washes it out even more.

Todd Gomer, the BRF street supervisor, said he has been having trouble finding a vendor that could do it within the next two weeks. Most companies that have put in bids are not available to complete the project until August of September.

Heavy rain and wind covered northwestern Wisconsin and caused massive damage across the area Tuesday and Wednesday night, including a tornado warning Wednesday night that produced heavy winds for much of the county.

Governor Scott Walker declared a state of emergency Wednesday for Jackson County following the damaging storms.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the devastating tornadoes that hit last night,” Governor Walker said. “I have instructed state agencies and the Wisconsin National Guard to help those affected by the storms as they recover and rebuild. I thank the Wisconsin National Guard, Wisconsin Emergency Management and all state agencies for their coordinated response to this emergency.”

Numerous power outages were recorded Wednesday night throughout Jackson County. The Jackson Electric Cooperative reported at 7:50 a.m.

Heavy rain and wind covered northwestern Wisconsin and caused massive damage across the area Tuesday night.

Jackson County officials have issued a State of Emergency due to flooding according to the Wisconsin State Department of Emergency Management.

Crews are removing trees blocking local highways and roads. Numerous roads are closed and/or damaged due to flood waters.

Portions of State Highway 121 between Northfield and the county line are impassable due to water being over the road.

Kristina Page, Jackson County emergency management coordinator, said the damage is mainly focused around the towns of Adams, Alma, Northfield and Garden Valley.

Water over the roads has caused damage to many roads and made them impassable.

The Jackson County Highway department is currently working on Hwy.

On Monday, May 15 Cirque Mundial brought “The most spectacular little show in the universe” to Jackson County.

Five generations of family entertainment showed off their craft in the 4-H arena on the Jackson County Fair grounds to a packed house.

Enough people poured into the arena that it became standing, or sitting, room only as carpet was laid out for kids to sit on and get just a little bit closer to the action.

Martin Alvarez, the ring master for Cirque Mundial, said this is only the second year of traveling under the Mundial name.

Last year their tour focused on the east coast, so Alvarez said they were making an effort to hit the middle of the country more this year.

Whether a big operation or a small family farm, any tips on how to better run a farm is welcome advice in the farming community.

That sharing of advice is the idea behind the Coulee Graziers, a group of farmers from the Coulee Region who visit and tour other farms and talk with other farmers about grazing dairy farms.

The Graziers offer the opportunity to network and learn through farmer-led discussion to improve profitability with environmentally-sound farming practices.

Around 25 people joined the most recent event at the Kling farm in Taylor, Wis. with representatives from some small- to medium-sized farms and even some who were just looking to start their own farm.

Nate Kling, who runs the farm with his wife, gave a short tour of his land and some of the practices he uses when grazing cattle and how to manage them properly.

It seems too early to be competing in conference championships yet, but the time has arrived for track teams.

The Coulee Conference championship came to Black River Falls’ own backyard as teams from all over the area came to compete.

BRF boys would finish in third place behind G-E-T and West Salem, while the girls finished fourth behind Viroqua, Westby and Arcadia.

The girls team would have some stand-out performances though. Stephanie Brauner’s first place finish in the 100m hurdles also set a new conference record at 15.07 seconds.

Brauner would finish just barely behind first place in the 300m hurdles.

Freshman Karyn Millis would finish fifth in the 100m dash event, while sophomore Abby Ross would come in third at the 200m run.