Sen. Ron Johnson.(Photo: USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)

As his party's leadership was trying to round up Republican support for a crucial vote on Thursday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson criticized the GOP's plan for replacing Obamacare.

The plan would reduce subsidies that help lower-income people buy health insurance, but also “expand the entitlement” by giving subsidies to higher-income people “that Obamacare never helped,” Johnson said.

PolitiFact Wisconsin finds Johnson is on target: Compared to Obamacare, the GOP replacement offers reduced tax credits to lower-income people who buy their own health insurance and makes more higher-income people eligible for the credits.

Gov. Scott Walker.(Photo: Coburn Dukehart / Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism)

MADISON – Some victims of job discrimination would not be able to recover their legal costs from their bosses under the state budget proposed by Gov. Scott Walker.

Under another budget provision, those who failed to prove they faced workplace discrimination could be forced to pay their employer’s attorney fees.

And in some cases, those who proved they were victims of discrimination would have to pay the legal fees of their bosses if they had rejected a settlement offer that would have been more favorable than the ruling they ultimately received.

Similar rules would be in place for claims brought under the state’s family medical leave law.

Supporters of the budget proposals say they would cut down on frivolous claims, while detractors say it would make people less likely to file worthy complaints because of the costs they might have to bear.

Wisconsin Capitol(Photo: Getty Images)

MADISON - Wisconsin's online system for tracking court cases would purge criminal charges from electronic records if they are dismissed or the defendant is acquitted, under new recommendations by an oversight committee.

The recommendations about the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access site were made this week by a panel that is charged with giving guidance to J. Denis Moran, the director of state courts. The changes would affect what the public can see in online court records but not what records are available for viewing in courthouses — those wouldn't change.

The oversight panel is made up of courts officials from around the state along with lawmakers and representatives of law enforcement and the news media. All of the more two dozen members of the panel voted for the recommendations except for the media representatives and an official from the state Department of Justice headed by GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel.

House Speaker Paul Ryan of arrives on Capitol Hill Tuesday.(Photo: J. Scott Applewhite, Associated Press)

WASHINGTON – Along with the vast political stakes for his party and president, the dramatic House showdown over health care is an acid test of Speaker Paul Ryan’s ability to deliver on the promise of unified Republican rule.

“We as a party have been an opposition party for 10 years…now, in three months' time, we have to go from being an opposition party to being a governing party,” Ryan told Wisconsin talk radio host Jay Weber Wednesday.

“Paul Ryan is all in on getting this passed. His prestige is on the line,” said his GOP colleague from Wisconsin, Jim Sensenbrenner. “If this one fails, the ability to deliver on the next big (issue) is going to be significantly impaired.”

Ryan is calling it his party’s “rendezvous with destiny.”

But it is also the sternest measure by far of his 16-month-old tenure as speaker, and of his leadership style, salesmanship, deal-making skills and capacity to corral a GOP caucus united against Obamacare but divided over what should take its place.

President Donald Trump speaks at the National Republican Congressional Committee March Dinner at the National Building Museum on Tuesday.(Photo: Andrew Harnik, Associated Press)

With a crucial vote expected Thursday in the U.S. House of Representatives, PolitiFact Wisconsin reviews our fact checks on "Trumpcare," the Republican replacement for Obamacare.

Is it a sop to the rich and does it lower premiums?