Michael L. McGee(Photo: Wisconsin Department of Corrections)

The Court of Appeals on Wednesday blocked the controversial placement of a Racine County sex offender in neighboring Kenosha County, where residents and officials protested the plan to have the man live in Wheatland.

The court found that the Racine County judge who approved the placement plan for Michael L. McGee failed to follow provisions of a February 2016 state law intended to make it harder to approve supervised release of sex offenders outside their home counties.

Judge Paul Reilly wrote the 15-page decision for a panel that included judges Mark Gundrum and Lisa Neubauer, all from the Waukesha-based District II division of the appellate court.

The law had required offenders to stay in their home county absent "good cause" to select another county. Racine County Circuit Judge Allan Torhorst found that the fact there was no suitable spot in Racine County was such "good cause" to place McGee in Wheatland.