In the first meet that Blair-Taylor has golfed at in nearly seven years, the young squad was up for the challenge in Whitehall Tuesday at a Dairyland Conference meet.

Tyler Kirchner had the low score for the team, coming in at 58 strokes. He birdied hole three, which is a par four and made a par four on hole nine.

Coming in right behind him with 60 strokes was Nick Shepherd. He hit a par five on hole seven and par four on hole eight.

Rounding out the team was Noah Shepherd chipping in with a 72. He had a par on hole three and hit a bogey on hole nine, which was a par four.

All dairy farmers directly affected by the recent Grassland announcement are invited to attend a meeting to explore your thoughts on possible solutions. The group is being led by Mark and Beth Heinze, Farmers from Portage, Wis. who were also affected by Grassland’s announcement, with support from Dairy Girl Network and the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation.

The purpose of this forum is to discuss the emergency placement of the 1.3 million lbs. of impacted milk per day. We want to use this time to bring together affected families, as well as discuss and explore what options or help your family or farm needs most. We will give updates on meetings being held with processors and emergency relief efforts being pursued by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), and any federal options being explored.

A 16-year old girl from Merrillan ran away from home earlier this week and has still not returned.

Ashleigh Thurman was last spotted in Black River Falls on Friday, April 7 after leaving work at Donna K's at around 2 p.m.

Police say she fled with her boyfriend and she is not believed to be in any danger. Thurman is said to be running away voluntarily.

Her mother's vehicle was found in the Chippewa Falls area, but the license plates were removed.

Thurman might also be with another runaway from the Chippewa Falls area.

She has been speaking with her friends and seems to be OK, but she is refusing to come home.

I am a mother. I am a mother of adults. Does that make me any less of a Mama or Mommy? No. Even though my daughter has her own three children, I still look at her and see my little one. She doesn’t always get this. I annoy her and I have had to learn to back off…some. It is not easy to back off when this grown human being has been with you an additional nine months than any other person in the world. I know with each child she has begun to understand me better.

Worry doesn’t go away when they turn 18 or even 30. Lord no. It gets even more so in some areas. When they reach this level you really have lost all your control.

“We are up to our gills in meth,” the county worker told me. “Four years ago one quarter of our child-protection cases were related to meth. Now, 92% of these cases are related to meth.”

“Our system just isn’t equipped to deal with the meth problem,” said another social worker.

Recently, more than 400 county supervisors and Health and Human Services staff came to the Capitol. I had visitors from every county in our Senate District. These officials brought me one clear message: Help us deal with the meth problem.

The statistics the county employees shared were staggering. Trempealeau County experienced more than a four-fold increase in child-protection cases in less than two years. Most of these children were living with a meth-addicted parent.