Downtown Black River Falls has been undergoing a revitalization recently, which could be widely seen this last week as the downtown received a facelift.

Torgerson’s Furniture, an old furniture store that was once owned by the Torgerson family has been closed for several years, but standing tall outside of the building was its sign.

That was until this last week when a crew came out and took the sign down, signaling the end of an era.

In the same exact week came a new sign for Revolution Coffee & Wine Bar, a new business that is set to open in the coming weeks.

This business will feature coffee products, light breakfasts, baked goods, lunch, soups, appetizers and a wine bar.

Sometimes the biggest hurdle a team has to face is themselves, and that's the roadblock the Lincoln Hornets faced this year.

Young players can give a team hope for the future, but that lack of experience can also be their downfall.

"We played hard and did really well," coach Bill Schulte said. "We just had a hard time finishing and dealt with some inexperience."

Schulte feels his team could have easily been over .500, but the team needed more maturity and to get more comfortable with the basketball.

Schulte thought his team had come a long way throughout the season and he was encouraged by his teams' aggressiveness throughout their schedule.

Lincoln was in a tough conference with unbeaten Melrose-Mindoro to compete against and ended the season with an 8-11 overall record.

Spring is the season for wildflowers and wildfires. As Wisconsin’s winter-weary residents celebrate the warmer weather, the lack of snow cover and still-dry vegetation creates prime conditions for wildfires to start and spread.

To educate homeowners to be “firewise” and take steps to reduce property damage from wildfires, Department of Natural Resources forestry team leader Eric Zenz of the Black River Falls Service Center and DNR forestry specialist Amy Luebke of the Wisconsin Rapids Service Center presented a program at Friends of the Black River March 8 meeting.

“Jackson County is a fire prone area,” said Zenz.

The sandy soil of the central forest is the reason Jackson and surrounding counties are at a greater risk for wildfires. The sandy soil was formed during the last Ice Age when Glacial Lake Wisconsin covered the area where the pine forest now stands.

Parents often say that the teenage years can be some of the hardest as a parent and it probably isn't any easier to handle those years as a basketball coach either.

Taking a group of teenagers and getting them to work together towards a unified goal sounds as easy as herding cats.

That is the task for BRF girls basketball coach Amy Olson every year, but she says the job is more than just teaching them about basketball.

"I don't play favorites, but I recognize when kids put in the effort and I push them to pursue excellence," Olson said.

While the season may have fell short of excellence, there are always positives to draw from.

The Tigers started off the year with a tough stretch of losses getting their first win in the middle of December against Viroqua.

The Division of Criminal Investigation concluded that the officer involved shooting of Donovan Scheurich Sr., of La Crosse, that took place Jan. 25 in the Town of Millston was justified.

Sargent Evan Mazur, deputy Michael Bartlett and deputy Aaron Johnson were all put on administrative leave following the incident.

During a press conference, Sheriff Waldera played the full audio of Scheurich's call with the Jackson County dispatch as well as some of the video from officers' body cams.

On Jan. 25, Scheurich had made multiple 911 calls that bounced between Monroe and Jackson counties because of the area of Millston he was in.

Throughout the phone call, Scheurich sounded angry and paranoid that he was being traced, hanging up and calling back several times to try and thwart any tracking efforts.