The full moon cast long shadows on the lonely gravel road, as the prairie ghosts headed for the old, abandoned farm near the end of the road. Rumor had it that the place was visited by ghosts every Halloween, and we hoped to find out once and for all if the story was true. Did Gamle Magretta, “Old Margrete,” still roam the hills of Vernon County, just as the gypsies once roamed the country by horse and wagon during the time of my grandparents?

The prairie ghosts was a secret gang of neighborhood farm kids. We’d get together in the evenings and ride our bikes around the countryside, on secret missions. That Halloween night the prairie ghosts were hunting for a “real” ghost at the abandoned farm.

A grove of trees and overgrown brush surrounded an old granary and was the only evidence from the road that it had once been a farmstead.

Black River Falls cross country runner Adam Wiesender is off to the state meet.

The sophomore took a seventh-place overall finish at Saturday’s sectional in Black River Falls to earn an individual qualifying spot.

“Adam is a smart runner. He knows where he needs to be in a race and does what he needs to be there,” BRF head coach Steve Markee said. “He reminds me of another great runner we had several years back – Will Peasley. Adam is a great student and very motivated. He is an extremely hard worker in school and in cross country.

“We look for big things down the road.”

Wiesender finished the course at Skyline Golf Course in 17 minutes, 46.44 seconds, a little over 5 seconds behind sixth-place finisher Max Engh of Sparta (17:40.55).

“It was a very big goal for me to make it (to state) sophomore year, so this is very cool,” Wiesender said.

About 30 businesses and organizations plan to attend the first Black River Area Job Fair on Wednesday, Nov. 2 at Black River Falls High School.

The free job fair is open to the public from 3:30-6:30 p.m. in the high school gym. Representatives from the businesses and groups will discuss their employment opportunities. Candidates looking for employment are encouraged to bring copies of their resumes.

The job fair is sponsored by the Black River Falls School District and the Black River Area Chamber of Commerce with assistance from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development and Workforce Connections.

Along with the job fair, there will be educational presentations on career resources available in Jackson County, what programs are available at Western Technical College’s Black River Falls campus, financing further education and how to use the internet in job searches.

Prior to the job fair, high school students will attend eight educational workshops emphasizing different career and work skills.

“Having real friends is so much better than having many friends.”

Have you ever thought how lucky you are to have a real friend? One who knows just about everything about you but likes you anyway? There are several joking comments like that about friendship but seriously, friendship is a great thing.

Case in point. Although I am not sure of the exact date, it is close to 30 years since Good Buddy Sue, aka Best Buddy Sue, and I became friends. Thirty years! And even though my mobility issues keep us from going on as many adventures as we used to, we still keep up our marathon phone sessions and get together when we can. The other day brought home just how good friends can be for each other. We both deal with health issues, and that particular day, I was in the throes of a rare bout of anxiety when Sue gave me a call.