For a few years now, the roof at the Forrest Street Elementary School in BRF has been leaking. To fix the issue, the school board put money in the budget to replace the roof.

After putting out five bids, the school board decided during its monthly board meeting to go with CustoFoam Roofing to replace the roof, which was bid to cost $168,070.

Joe Schmit, who is the building and grounds supervisor for the BRF School District, was responsible for collecting the bids and giving his recommendation.

“I recommend we go with what is called TPO, thermoplastic polyolefin. It is a 16 mm thick membrane that goes over the roof, mechanically adhered through the insulation,” said Schmit talking about the product CustoFoam Roofing will be using.

“The bottom line is: Are waters meeting water quality standards?” George Meyer told the Audit Committee at a recent hearing.

“[Wisconsin is] adding hundreds of impaired waters every year,” Mr. Meyer added. “It’s because of discharged nitrates and phosphorus.”

“Regulations and laws are only as good as enforcement.” Mr. Meyer said. “In the last few years [there has been] a substantial reduction in enforcement actions both in the wildlife area and the environmental area.”

Mr. Meyer knows about enforcing laws to protect our natural resources. For eight years, he served as the DNR Secretary under Governor Thompson. His 30-year DNR career also included ten years as head of the department’s enforcement efforts. He now runs Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, a nonpartisan coalition of nearly 200 conservation groups.

The room was packed with high school students. Not because they were looking for the latest iPhone or they were required to be there, but because they were passionate about saving something near and dear to their heart…their right to choose their education.

The longest discussion during the Monday BRF School Board meeting was what to cut from the budget for the upcoming school year. The school district needed to find something to cut, and one of those places they were considering was the Black River Area Green School (BRAGS).

To stop this from happening, nearly 30 current BRAGS students, past BRAGS students, parents and concerned citizens packed the board room to stop the school from cutting the program.

As many of you know, our daughter’s family lives in Colorado. It’s lovely there. There is lots to see but the very best of what is in Colorado is she, her husband and their little ones.

I just returned from a visit to them. I flew out of Minneapolis and back into Madison. The emotions, expended energy, elevation change and the temperature difference have all kind of wrecked me for a few days.

Of course the emotions really take a toll along with trying to keep up physically with an almost seven year old, a going on four year old and a five month baby.

At their elevation, I get a tad bit light headed when coming up the stairway from the basement or frankly just standing still.

Imagine that. After all the days, weeks and months of waiting, spring just slipped in there between the time I am writing this to the time you read it. May your spring be filled with good thoughts, kind people and happy moments.

St. Patrick’s Day brought forth lots of Irish blessings, an attempt at making corned beef and cabbage and best of all was the Rueben Soup that this Leftover Diva concocted. I swear I do leftovers better than I do first time meals anymore.

There is one place where every day can be St. Patrick’s day! Found out the Hixton Blue Collar Café will be featuring Reuben omelets as a regular menu item. That is something this foodie is going to have to try—they recommend ordering pumpernickel toast to go with it.