A Jackson County Jail inmate was caught in possession of meth while incarcerated.

Sylvia Hill was being escorted to meet with her lawyer when the officer escorting her noticed a small bag that Hill had dropped.

The bag was sent for testing and came back positive as methamphetamine.

When questioned, Hill said she had been asked to take the bag by another inmate, Sue Bauer, and get rid of it since Hill would have been leaving the jail soon.

Hill said she had wanted to use the drugs as leverage in case she was unable to get a bond reduction and would turn in the other inmate to help herself out.

Detective Adam Olson interviewed other inmates in the same block as Hill to try and determine where the meth came from.

In several little pods in the shop behind the agriculture room at the ACHM High School are projects that Jaryd Rowekamp either leads or helps with, including projects that deal with things a normal adult doesn’t usually know much about, including hydroponics, making maple syrup, growing fish, composting using vermiculture, making methane out of a homemade digester and yes, even rabbits.

Rowekamp is a high school senior at ACHM High School and is very involved in the FFA Chapter, which has helped prepare him for his planned future career in hydroponics.

“Plants are going to need to be grown on water, there are no ifs, ands or buts about it. We are going to have to at some point. I don’t know if it is my lifetime where it is going to be a necessity, but I want to help get that started before it is needed,” said Rowekamp as he showed off his small hydroponic operation he is planning on starting soon.

In a lop-sided game, the Melrose-Mindoro girls basketball team once again showed off their elite status in a 71-41 win against Blair-Taylor in the championship game during Dairyland Conference Crossover Games on Saturday.

The Mustangs got out to an early lead and never looked back as they were up 42-10 at halftime.

The leading scorer for Mel-Min and the game was Erika Simmons with 23 points. She was followed by Emily Herzberg with 14 points, Katie Christopherson added 13 points, Calette Lockington put up 10 points, Mesa Byom had six points, Aly Tracey added three points and Savanna Johnson had two points.

For the Wildcats, Danyelle Waldera led scoring with 16 points. The duo of Samantha Fuselier and McKenna Nehring each chipped in five points; Felicity Pooler had four points; Isabel Berg, Kylah Frederixon, Ari Charles, Lauren Kidd and Elaine Rogstad had two points; and Liza Howe added a free throw.

The Black River Falls boys hockey team skated their way into the playoffs, but were quickly bounced out by Marshfield 3-2.

In a battle of the Tigers, both teams would go back and forth fighting for the win as hard as they could.

Marshfield would draw first blood with a goal from Zach Schmidt 11 minutes into the first period.

Black River Falls would come alive in the second period though, burying a few pucks into the back of the net.

Boston Gilberg put BRF on the board three minutes into the second period to tie the game at 1-1.

BRF would then make the best of a power play as James Kuhnle found himself a goal to put his team up 2-1.

The Tigers boys basketball team traveled to Arcadia and gave the Raiders all they could handle, but came away with an overtime loss 68-66.

Trailing after the first half, BRF would surge back in the second half with a 35-point effort to tie the game up, led by top-scorer Ethan Anderson’s 22 points.

Bryce Seiber also did what he could to put the Tigers on top with 21 points of his own, followed by Isaac Cowles who scored 13.

The team stats are as close as the final score, with little separating the two teams, but Arcadia pulled away by making the most of the chances they created.

The Raiders had four more steals and created six more turnovers which led to 10 transition points and seven second-chance points.